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Hong Kong dining guide

Hong Kong locals take their food very seriously. New trendy restaurants open almost every week and locals queue to taste the cuisine. Depending on your budget, you can dine like Royalty for not much money, or you can pay a King’s Ransome to get a seat at the best table in the city. Here is a list of some restaurants that you can’t miss – at various budget points

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Why kids love Fiji's Coral Coast

Fish feeding - Warwick Fiji

 Every resort has a kids club, and they’re jam-packed with seriously cool kids activities. Take the Outrigger for example… When I walked into the Litter Riggers kids club, six kids were face down in plates of ice cream having an eating competition – that’s far cooler than hanging out with boring Mum and Dad.  

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Fiji four ways

You know a destination is good when you can visit four times and have four different experiences. Fiji is definitely one of those places. Everyone knows Fiji is perfect for families, but it’s also a fantastic holiday destination for couples, those seeking adventure and those wanting five-star luxury.

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