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Top traditional Samoan foods for you to try

A trip to Samoa would not be complete without sampling as much of the local fare as you can. Though foods from around the world can be found on this magnificent island, one of the most enjoyable aspects of travelling is the fact that you get to try local de...

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Fun Fijian facts for kids

How much fun are you going to have in Fiji? Loads, we should think! All that hot sunny weather, lovely big beaches and cool animals will probably make Fiji the best holiday you've ever had! Now you can amaze your friends when you get back home with these fu...

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Hidden Hawaii: What the tourist guides don't tell you

There's nothing quite like living like a local when you venture to a new place, as it helps you experience the sights, sounds and tastes of a destination in a whole new way. Say goodbye to the tourist traps and commercial attractions the require queuing up ...

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two unique swimming locations in Samoa

Nature is a pretty wonderful thing. The shapes and formations it carves out over the course of millennia can be surreal, beautiful and exciting. When you couple these curious geological artworks with azure lagoons, tropical rain forests and gorgeously hot w...

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Bring your kids to Aggie Grey's

There are few things that bond a family together quite like a relaxing Pacific holiday. Spending those days or weeks with pure smiles on your faces can be a rewarding experience that creates memories to last a life time. When you bring your kids to Samoa, m...

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4 places to visit on Efate

The island of Efate is a delightful island in the Pacific Ocean that is part of Vanuatu. It's the third largest island of the nation and has many amazing attractions that makes this spot a traveller's dream.

Rainbow Botanic Gardens

With the longest establ...

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