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6 Simple Ways to Switch to Island Time

After a busy year and holiday period, it’s important to spend some time away if not least for a momentary escape. No matter where you’re travelling to this summer, break away from your everyday routine with our simple tips. You’ll be feeling totally tranquil before you know it.

 Change your Routine

A significant portion of working life is spent on weekday rituals and routines. So, why not create your own holiday routine? If you typically wake up early to go for a run, switch it up while you’re away and head for a long morning beach walk instead. If reading is your thing, swap emails for a novel. A good dose of escapism never hurt anyone!

 Take a Tech Break

Treat yourself to a holiday from your pocket-sized companion and try to be present in the moment. If you use your phone for photos, exploring or other travel-related reasons, opt to reduce your screen time when spending time with the family.

 Forget about the Time

Time completely slows down on a tropical island, from the pace of the people to the lack of distractions big city life brings. Embrace the relaxed lifestyle and take things as they come. If you feel like sleeping in until midday, why not? Feel like a cocktail at 2 pm? Go for it!

 Do Something Different

Whether it’s swimming with sharks or learning the local language, doing something out of the ordinary on holiday allows your brain to think differently. The immersion in something totally new will shift your focus away from work, and you’ll have a great story to bring back with you too.

 Get Some Sleep

While it might seem simple, holidays are the perfect time to catch up on sleep. If you usually get eight hours a night, why not try for nine? Close the curtains in full to avoid being woken up by the morning light and avoid screen time before bed. After a few sleep-ins, you’ll be right in the swing of things.

 Have Fun

The golden rule of all successful holidays is to make sure you have fun! Whether that involves an action-packed plan or long days by the pool, spend your time off doing what you love, with the people you love.

Holidays are all about happiness! Plan your next getaway by chatting to our Hoot Holiday Champions.

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