We've all dreamed of a tropical romance - one that plays out along golden-sand beaches by the turquoise ocean, balmy breeze and tall palm trees included.

We're here to tell you that you can make this dream a reality in Thailand. Why spend your life imagining it when you can live it? Book in that holiday leave, call up your parents to enlist them for babysitting duty and head to the airport with your significant other - kids left safely at home in their grandparents' arms!

You'll feel at ease as soon as you touch down in Thailand. Gone are the worries of everyday life - paradise has taken their place. Head to resort islands such as Phuket and Koh Samui for the ultimate in luxury and relaxation.

Here you can relax in blooming gardens, swim in pristine pools or paddle out in the oceans of the Andaman Sea. Hopeless romantics will love the private villa accommodation, where you can relax with your very own garden and pool instead.

Adventurous couples might like to embark on a sea kayak to offshore islands, or head underground on a sea caving expedition. Then there are the elephant treks or hikes through the lush jungle - whatever takes your fancy! Best of all, there will be a luxurious spa treatment awaiting you upon your return at the end of the day. Just what the doctor ordered.

If you love city life, you can also experience the fast-paced lifestyle of Bangkok, with its bustling street markets, rooftop bars and glittering skyline. Full of culture, vibrancy and at times chaos, this is one unforgettable city. A candlelit meal atop a tall building looking out over the city is a must for couples.

If Thailand sounds like you, get in touch - we've got even more of its secrets to share.


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