Is your family driving you crazy? You'd be forgiven for thinking a holiday with them sounds a little mad, but time out in Thailand with your teens could be just what the doctor (or therapist!) ordered.

It's a diverse country offering everything from exquisite natural beauty through to inspiring temples, impeccable hospitality and ancient ruins ripe and ready for exploration. If that all sounds like too much work for your kids, reassure them of the beautiful beaches on the islands, where they can swim, snorkel, roam and work off their teenage angst.

If your kids are fond of everything fast-paced, they'll love Bangkok. This is the exuberant capital of Thailand, jam-packed full of sights, sounds and things to do. Wander the streets and take in the Thai way of life, grab some local food from street stalls and haggle brilliant bargains from a vendor. Bangkok is a real treat for your senses, so come prepared to have your eyes opened!

Those looking for a more laid-back trip should make sure to stop off at Koh Samui. It's Thailand's third largest island and is positively exquisite. It's renowned for its laid-back culture and azure oceans, with pristine white sand just waiting for you to recline on with a good book and perhaps a cheeky cocktail or two - after all, you're on holiday.

For families wishing to indulge (or force) their children in a little bit of culture, Chiang Mai is a must-visit. Its striking mountain backdrop makes way for over 300 temples, giving the island an air of history and mystique. For a taste of the traditional way of life, visit hill tribes to see families living without running water and electricity. Pick up some traditional handicrafts and handmade furniture from the locals before hopping aboard an elephant (yes, really!) for the most unique way to explore a holiday destination.

Teens interested in history should head to Kanchanaburi for a visit to the infamous Death railway and Bridge of the River Kwai.

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