Thailand's Chiang Mai Resorts & Hotels Sometimes when we go on holiday, our aim is to simply get away from it all and enjoy a different pace of life. After all, with our lives so full of work and responsibilities, every now and then it takes a complete getaway to get that balance back and refocus.

So if you're looking for the perfect place in which to do just that, consider Chiang Mai in Thailand. This gem of a city, located in the north of the country, can take you away from your everyday reality and into a whole new world.

Make sure you top the experience off by staying at a beautiful resort that offers the full special treatment, including a beautiful pool, delicious fine dining restaurant, serene spa treatment and high-quality service. It doesn't have to cost the Earth, but it's all part of making your holiday extra special.

When you do feel like you can tear yourself away from the fluffy pillows of the hotel bed or from the breakfast buffet, check out Chiang Mai's surrounds. This city manages to mix the old and new to great effect, with a mountainous backdrop contrasted by modern buildings and architecture. That said, there are plenty of hill tribes, temples and historical structures for you to explore if you want to get a look-in at the traditional Thai way of life.

It's also a great base for those who love to get a little adventurous on their vacations. Elephant riding, rafting down cascading rivers and trekking through thick forest are just some of the activities around and about Chiang Mai, if you're up for it, that is. But remember, no-one will blame you if all you want to do is stay back at the hotel lounging by the pool or getting a foot massage - so what are you waiting for?

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