Samoa: Family Resorts & Accommodation You could spend five hours having a movie marathon, scrolling through the web or attempting that DIY you found online. Or, you could jetset to Samoa and have a tropical getaway.

Leave the popcorn covered couches, tired eyes and glitter covered floor and venture into the heart of paradise.

Samoa is a short flight from Australia, so you can be in the centre of the South Pacific before you know it, sipping on your fruity delight and soaking up the sunshine.

The natural beauty of this island knows no bounds. There are waterfalls, blow-holes and verdant foliage, and we haven't even made our way to the beaches yet!

With white sand and a vibrantly aqua ocean, the beaches here are some of the best in the world. You can swim, surf, snorkel or sunbathe. It doesn't matter if you're an adventure seeker or want your holiday in Samoa to be your chance to totally and completely relax, there's something for you here.

Here at Hoot Holidays, we're all about providing you with the best holiday you could've dreamed of. You may have heard about our deals and value packages, they're pretty great.

We've got the inside word on what the best resorts in Samoa are and our deals can make your getaway even more of a possibility. We also know all about hotels in Samoa, so whether you're after the height of luxury or want something a little more down to earth, we've got your back.

Have a look through our great selection, or give us a shout to find out more about these amazing offers. Before you know it you can be flying over the ocean, touching down in the tropics and having the time of your life!

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