Samoa's Savaii Holiday Packages - Holiday Deals - Holiday Specials

Where is a place that is perfect for adventurers and relaxers alike? Savaii!

If you've never considered how wonderful a holiday in Samoa could be, prepare to be amazed.

We've worked out magic and come up with some stunning specials that will make your time away unforgettable.

These special deals combine everything you need so you can book everything in one go. We'll hook you up with a place to stay and you'll have your airfares and transfers all sorted.

You'll be welcomed into the warm and luscious island right from the start, and not have to worry about how you're getting to and from the island and your resort.

Our handy At a Glance guides will fill you in about each of the accommodation options, including what makes them great and any extras you can enjoy.

Visit Savaii and be blown away by the natural beauty of the area. With its mountains, beaches, rainforests and waterfalls, you'll be whisked away to an untouched paradise.

Some of the resorts have snorkeling and kayak gear so you can get up early and start exploring the lagoons and beaches.

If you've left your alarm at home, get up late and enjoy a succulent, fresh and delicious breakfast at your hotel. This will give you the energy you need to slap on that sunscreen, grab your hat and venture out to discover what makes this island great.

A holiday in Savaii is all you need to feel rejuvenated and get that boost you need. Before you know it you'll be brown and beautiful and have made friends with all of the locals.

If you feel like taking your journey further, the neighbouring island of Upolu is just one and a half hours away by ferry, and we offer a range of specials for this island, too.

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