Hawaii Multi Island Holiday Packages & Deals

When it all gets a bit too much and you feel like escaping the daily grind, it's easy to think that a holiday to a luxury destination like Hawaii is out of reach. Never fear, weary worker, as our multi-island specials bring this stunning island into the reach of anyone who needs a relaxing holiday in a stunning paradise.

Hawaii is made up of eight islands, however only six of these are accessible to visitors. While the traditional tourist destination remains to be Waikiki, we invite you to explore the remaining five to make up your mind as to which is best. We have to warn you, though, that the lifestyle here is so incredible that it can be hard to drag yourself back home!

Island hop your way around Hawaii to explore the individual and unique atmospheres of Honolulu, Maui, Kauai and beyond. Each of these islands share a similar culture and stunning beauty, but there are plenty of new and exciting things to discover at each holiday hotspot.

Travelling between the islands couldn't be easier, with inter-island flights available from Oahu and hire cars ready to take you wherever you want to go. Get a map, hire a guide or simply follow your nose as you traipse your way around this pristine and pretty area.

If you're less of an explorer and more of a relaxer, simply hop into an awaiting chauffeured car and find yourself transported to accommodation bearing the most beautiful beds, sensational service and decadent drinks you can imagine.

No matter what kind of holiday you're after, or which combination of Hawaiian islands takes your fancy, we can put together the package of your dreams. And just remember, if you can't decide which island to pick, you can always come back to experience the others!

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