Hawaii's Hawaii & Fiji Resorts & Hotels Struggling to choose between Hawaii and Fiji for your next holiday getaway? We've made things easy for you - instead of selecting just one, take a trip to both beautiful islands for the trip of a lifetime.

Start out at Hawaii for an action-packed or relaxing and rejuvenating holiday with your friends, family, loved one or simply fly solo. Take a surfing lesson on Waikiki Beach or join fellow tourists for a sunbathe along the golden shores. Explore the soaring cliffs and park up at North Shore to watch world-class surfers battle the huge waves before settling in at your sumptuous holiday accommodation.

When it's time to leave this tropical paradise, never fear! You've got three nights in fabulous Fiji to look forward to on your way home. Think of it as the ultimate post-holiday holiday, where you can wind down and sneak in some last minute swims before re-entering the real world. Hopefully the double holiday means you'll have fewer of those post-holiday blues when you have to return back to work, but we can't guarantee that!

If you're the social type, Fiji will be right up your alley. The locals here are outstandingly friendly and will be more than happy to help make sure your stay is as perfect as possible. Learn about the culture and history of this tropical island paradise before sneaking off to a private beach for a day of relaxation in the ever-shining sun.

Both Hawaii and Fiji have a range of adventure activities to cater to those outdoorsy types, including snorkelling, scuba diving and exploring canopy-covered mountains. There are also plenty of world-class spa resorts to choose from if you feel like being pampered, so don't be shy in telling us what you want from a holiday.

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