Grown Up Getaways

Whether it’s a romantic getaway for two, or just a trip with friends without the little travellers, our Holiday Champions can find an escape that’s right for you.

After a little peace and quiet by the beach? We can direct you to our beautiful island destinations in places like Fiji, Bali and Vanuatu. Want to grab a friend or two and see the bright lights of the big cities? Chat to us about our Vegas and New York packages. With a bunch of destinations to choose from, why not talk to us about your next escape without the kids?

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Grown Up Getaways in America

The USA offers a veritable smorgasbord of exciting destinations, so it's easy to tailor the perfect escape that encompasses all of your dreams and desires.

Of course, it's likely you're yearning for a real getaway from real life, so why not head away on a holiday without the kids in tow? You deserve some time to rest and rejuvenate, after all.

Soaking in the sun along the coast of Florida, sipping margaritas and dipping your toes in the water is one of the best cures for a case of burnout, as is a leisurely wine-tasting tour of the Napa Valley near sunny San Francisco. Treat yourself to a beautiful hotel with all the pampering you can dream of, and your holiday here will be complete.

New York is naturally a great place for a couples' getaway, with its bright lights, inspiring cityscape and never-ending list of things to see and do, whether visiting art galleries and museums, getting a taste of the local nightlife or dining at some of the world's top restaurants. Let's face it, the kids just won't appreciate it like you will!

If your idea of romance is heading into the Great Outdoors and staying at a luxury lodge or perhaps even camping, America's abundance of stunning national parks will serve you well. Traverse the Grand Canyon, gaze in awe at the towering trees of Yosemite, or soak in the unique and mystical formations of Colorado's Great Sand Dunes National Park. Such locations provide the perfect backdrop for snuggling up and staring into the night sky, with billions of stars visible and twinkling right above you.

Does the words "sleepless nights" conjure images of restless kids - well think again. Las Vegas, where it's acceptable to start your day when the sun goes down. Its not all about gambling? This neon city has so much more nightlife, food lovers fantasy and there's always the grand canyon for those that do want to wake in the day.

If you need help planning your getaway, talk to us. We can give you advice on romantic holiday spots and where to go for that dreamy escape from the daily grind.

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Grown Up Getaways in Fiji

The scent of salt and coconut, the sensation of a gentle breeze on the skin and the sight of glistening water and swaying palms all within your reach - what a feast for the senses.

You and your loved one can experience it all when you head to Fiji - without the kids, of course! Sometimes a holiday is best enjoyed in total relaxation mode and the island paradise of Fiji offers plenty of ways for you to wind-down as a pair. After all, it doesn't get much more romantic than the sunny days, balmy nights and luxurious touch of these islands.

Head to a luxury resort, where you might find you're the only ones strolling the private beach at sunset. Why not pack a picnic of tropical fruits - and cocktails - and make a night of it?

Plunge into the temperate waters without having to think about supervising your little ones and enjoy indulging in your carefree and playful sides without them around!

There are options for all sorts of budgets, but treat yourself as much as you can afford, as it's not often you get the chance. It'll all be worth it when you lay your head down on those plush pillows and Egyptian cotton sheets at the end of the day, and are awoken to a sumptuous buffet of tasty breakfast foods.

If you're looking for an extra helping of seclusion, head somewhere like Likuliku or Royal Davui, known for its serenity and solitude, not to mention luxury treatment.

You'll leave Fiji feeling truly refreshed and reconnected - so why wait any longer? If you need help planning your ultimate escape, we'd be delighted to help.

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Grown Up Getaways in Hawaii

Hawaii is one of the world's most beautiful tropical playgrounds, but that doesn't mean you need the kids to have a great time.

In fact, why not leave the young ones at home this time around and enjoy a well-deserved break from real life?

Think long sleep-ins in the morning without the little ones waking you up, a smorgasbord of delicious fruits and tropical tastes to greet you for breakfast.

Toast a glass of Champagne on a yacht cruising the beautiful sparkling waters along Molokai's North Shore, or lying on a beach watching the sunset.

If you'd like to make the most of the child-free atmosphere, head to Oahu to make the most of delicious restaurants and lively bars. Those tropical cocktails won't drink themselves!

That's if you can tear yourself away from the hotel room. After all, luxury is a pre-requisite of Hawaii and you'd be surprised at the great deals you can get your hands on for a touch of the good life.

Complete the experience with a shopping trip around Honolulu, with its tempting range of clothes and other goodies. As a bonus, the kids won't be by your side begging for you to pay for their purchases!

Pools, spas and massage treatments, dining, top-notch service and heavenly rooms are just some of the drawcards of Hawaii's hotels and resorts.

There really is no better place to reignite the flame in your relationship than Hawaii. With its intoxicating combination of luxury, beautiful scenery and laid-back atmosphere, you can't help but fall in love with life.

Don't deny it - you want to go! So take the first step and have a chat to us about some of the great deals available for your holiday of a lifetime.

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Grown Up Getaways in Bali

Bali is the perfect destination for those seeking an idyllic holiday not far from home. Just several hours' flight from Australia, this tropical paradise is an easy journey that offers huge rewards.

Leave the kids at home this time around so you can really experience the island nation at your leisure, without any of the demands and stresses from home. This way, the vast beaches, warm ocean water, pampering spa treatments and heavenly hotel rooms are all yours to enjoy without distraction! Who could say no?

It's no question that Bali is also a great destination for romance. Its very atmosphere is evocative of all things starry-eyed, whether it's the misty mountain landscape, rousing local music or fresh, sea-salt scent.

Not to mention Bali's luxury resorts encourage indulgence and enjoyment. Enjoy dreamy candlelit dinners with stunning ocean views, or treat yourself to a rejuvenating couples' massage.

The island is also culturally rich, so whether you're located at the beachy enclave of Nusa Dua or in the streets of Ubud there are cultural sites aplenty. You'll come across beautiful song and dance as you explore local temples, markets and villages getting to know the inviting culture.

The natural landscape is also incredibly picturesque, perfect for hikes and romantic picnics. See if you can stumble upon a serene inland pool or waterfall where you settle in for lunch, surrounded by magical jungle.

Or perhaps a sunset cruise in calm, offshore waters is more your style. Enjoy watching red, orange and pink light up the sky as you relax on a yacht, drink in hand with your loved one. I wonder what those kids are doing back at home right now?

We have the low-down on the top spots in Bali, so get in touch and we'll fill you in and get the ball rolling.

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Grown Up Getaways in Thailand

We've all dreamed of a tropical romance - one that plays out along golden-sand beaches by the turquoise ocean, balmy breeze and tall palm trees included.

We're here to tell you that you can make this dream a reality in Thailand. Why spend your life imagining it when you can live it? Book in that holiday leave, call up your parents to enlist them for babysitting duty and head to the airport with your significant other - kids left safely at home in their grandparents' arms!

You'll feel at ease as soon as you touch down in Thailand. Gone are the worries of everyday life - paradise has taken their place. Head to resort islands such as Phuket and Koh Samui for the ultimate in luxury and relaxation.

Here you can relax in blooming gardens, swim in pristine pools or paddle out in the oceans of the Andaman Sea. Hopeless romantics will love the private villa accommodation, where you can relax with your very own garden and pool instead.

Adventurous couples might like to embark on a sea kayak to offshore islands, or head underground on a sea caving expedition. Then there are the elephant treks or hikes through the lush jungle - whatever takes your fancy! Best of all, there will be a luxurious spa treatment awaiting you upon your return at the end of the day. Just what the doctor ordered.

If you love city life, you can also experience the fast-paced lifestyle of Bangkok, with its bustling street markets, rooftop bars and glittering skyline. Full of culture, vibrancy and at times chaos, this is one unforgettable city. A candlelit meal atop a tall building looking out over the city is a must for couples.

If Thailand sounds like you, get in touch - we've got even more of its secrets to share.

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Grown Up Getaways in Vanuatu

If you're yearning for a break from the realities of home life, picking the kids up from school, cooking endless meals and packing lunchboxes, consider this.

Head to Vanuatu - without the kids - and treat yourself to a break from the stresses of your routine.

Everybody needs to get away sometimes, and the more beautiful the destination the better. That's why Vanuatu offers the perfect escape.

With warm, crystalline waters, secluded lagoons, luxurious resorts and the most dramatic sunsets you've ever seen, Vanuatu provides the ultimate formula for relaxation and rejuvenation.

It's also incredibly romantic. You'll find it hard not to fall in love with your partner all over again with a backdrop of palm trees whispering in the breeze, calm ocean gently lapping at the shore and the stirring call of a conch shell. Those dreamy slow-motion, movie moments you've only ever seen on the big screen? Those happen here - for real.

Stare into each other's eyes over a tasty beachfront Melanesian-inspired meal, sip on cocktails together by the pool and indulge in a sensuous couples' massage. Kids? What kids!

Enjoy escapes to private beaches, intimate islands and luxurious resorts, such as the The Havannah, Eraptap Beach, Mangoes Resort or Breakas Beach Resorts, to name just a few of your options.

There are plenty more romantic memories to be made in this island paradise, too. Head out on a stroll through the thick forest and stumble upon ethereal waterfalls, twinkling pools and delightful meadows.

Plunge into the ocean for a refreshing swim or a gentle kayak ride, or get your adrenalin pumping with a diving trip.

If you'd like a little help on how to make your holiday in Vanuatu extra special, get in touch. We'd love to share the secrets of this island nation with you.

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