Family celebrations can be a great excuse for you and your loved ones to get together and share in the glory of a birthday, wedding anniversary or family reunion. On the other hand, they can also feel like nightmarish tests of patience and tolerance - it really depends on your family!

Whether you look forward to family events with a passion or try to avoid them as much as possible, nothing will make the day more exciting than spending it at an exotic location. Imagine escaping your screaming in-laws for a quiet breather on a Fiji beach, or stealing away with your partner for a quiet drink poolside in Thailand!

Romantic celebrations, such as those marking a special anniversary, engagement or even a wedding, work perfectly at beachside locations like the Fiji, Samoa, Bali, Vanuatu and Hawai'i. These locations are so beautiful and picturesque, even your mother-in-law will be forced to relax!

Beachy venues are perfect for times where you want a low-fuss, stress-free celebration. Ban footwear, encourage cocktails and let your little ones run amok as you kick back and enjoy the lush atmosphere and stunning serenity.

Here at Hoot Holidays, we thrive on creating the perfect holiday package for you and your loved ones. Trust us when we say we understand how tricky it can be to balance family time with solo pursuits - and we totally get the feeling of being overwhelmed by enthusiastic aunts and uncles and just wanting a wee break!

That's why we'll really listen to your needs and deliver exactly what you want, whether it's a tight-knit family getaway full of adventure and action, or a more subdued affair with plenty of opportunities for you to sneak away and relax on your own.