Family celebrations can be a great excuse for you and your loved ones to get together and share in the glory of a birthday, wedding anniversary or family reunion. On the other hand, they can also feel like nightmarish tests of patience and tolerance - it really depends on your family!

Whether you look forward to family events with a passion or try to avoid them as much as possible, nothing will make the day more exciting than spending it at an exotic location. Imagine escaping your screaming in-laws for a quiet breather on a Fiji beach, or stealing away with your partner for a quiet drink poolside in Thailand!

Romantic celebrations, such as those marking a special anniversary, engagement or even a wedding, work perfectly at beachside locations like the Fiji, Samoa, Bali, Vanuatu and Hawai'i. These locations are so beautiful and picturesque, even your mother-in-law will be forced to relax!

Beachy venues are perfect for times where you want a low-fuss, stress-free celebration. Ban footwear, encourage cocktails and let your little ones run amok as you kick back and enjoy the lush atmosphere and stunning serenity.

Here at Hoot Holidays, we thrive on creating the perfect holiday package for you and your loved ones. Trust us when we say we understand how tricky it can be to balance family time with solo pursuits - and we totally get the feeling of being overwhelmed by enthusiastic aunts and uncles and just wanting a wee break!

That's why we'll really listen to your needs and deliver exactly what you want, whether it's a tight-knit family getaway full of adventure and action, or a more subdued affair with plenty of opportunities for you to sneak away and relax on your own.

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Celebrations in Vanuatu

In all honesty, not every family celebration goes the way it's designed to. There can sometimes be tears, tantrums and even the occasional bust-up, but a destination event may help mask these undesirable outcomes!

We can't guarantee a trip to Vanuatu will stop your weird Uncle Alan from dancing at inopportune moments, or allow your in-laws to get along for the first time in their lives, but we do reckon you'll overlook these blips in favour of the breathtaking natural beauty surrounding you once you get here.

Any blues brewing in your brood will quickly be forgotten about once you encounter the gentle Ni-Vanuatu people, who are always eager to show you and your family a good time and welcome you to their home. The locals here especially love kids, so encourage your little ones to get friendly and give you some time out! Unfortunately you will have to reclaim responsibility of them at some stage, but there will be plenty of opportunities in Vanuatu for you to catch a few hours of solitude without tiny terrors tottering at your feet.

There are many family-friendly resorts here, perfect for family reunions and birthdays. Drop them off at a local kids' club for painting, dancing and pool activities, while the older members of your family choose from the range of options available to you at this island paradise. Snorkel, scuba dive, swim or simply lie back on a sun lounger and lap up those rays.

If you feel like venturing out at all, head to the Mele Cascade Waterfalls, take a cruise on the Port Vila harbour or just explore around the islands. There are many romantic locations here for you to propose, renew your vows or take that big (huge) leap into marriage, so get creative! Just remember to pack your togs alongside your come-hither frock.

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Celebrations in Bali

Got a wedding coming up? Congratulations! If you've yet to plan your honeymoon location, check out Bali for one of the most beautiful and sought-after experiences you'll have. In fact, it's so pretty there you may even forget about all those post-wedding duties waiting for you upon your return home.

Dubbed "The Island of the Gods", Bali is known around the world for being truly spectacular. What's more, it's practically in our own backyard. It's no wonder we Aussies flock there in droves each year. It's not only become an extremely popular honeymoon spot for couples, but it's also becoming a hit for lovebirds to hold destination weddings.

If you're one of those outdoorsy couples, you'll be spoilt for choice by the luscious rice fields, majestic mountains and ancient temples dotted around this country. Surfers will be in heaven, along with anyone interested in donning a wetsuit and flippers for a closer look at the aquatic environment.

If you've managed to drag the kids along to help celebrate your big event, whether it's wedding anniversary or a very special birthday, never fear - the Balinese love kids, and will happily interact with them while you're taking a breather from their incessant questions.

Dine out in one of Bali's delicious restaurants, packed with fresh produce and seafood at alarmingly low prices, or head to Gianyar's nightmarket for some of Bali's best food. Groups will be happy here, with low prices, high spirits, a buzzing atmosphere and generous portions designed to be shared by all.

If a romantic engagement is on the cards, why not do it with a beautiful backdrop? Drop down on one knee under the ancient Gunung Kawi, where ten shrines stand proud at the bottom of a lush valley. Alternatively, the Goa Gajah cave could be the perfect spot for the big question, where you'll see history laid out in front of you.

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Celebrations in Thailand

Families looking for a unique location to celebrate their upcoming event, whether it's the first family holiday with a baby or a golden wedding anniversary, should take the time to consider Thailand. Perfectly located for holidaymakers, Thailand's got everyone covered with its plethora of stunning beaches, activities galore and festivals to take part in, if the mood strikes.

Even if you don't love everyone in your large extended family, the Thai people will. That's because they view family as important above everything else in their culture, so you can visit safe in the knowledge that even the kookiest and grumpiest family members will be welcomed with open arms.

Phuket and Koh Samui are areas most commonly visited by tourists as they have a wide range of resorts to cater to everyone from your tiny terrors to the more leisurely elderly family members. Hey, just because it's a family holiday it doesn't mean you have to spend every waking moment in each others' company!

If you want your celebration to coincide with a national event, Thailand is the right place for you. There are so many public holidays, festivals and special activities that take place here, it will be hard to choose just one to attend! The Thai New Year, known as Songkran, is a great way to start if you have to choose just one festival to take part in. Crowds of people roam the streets with buckets of water, soaking anyone in their vicinity and sharing the event with family members. Load up a water gun and encourage the family to take part in the fun!

If your celebration is for a more romantic reason, head to one of Bangkok's spectacular rooftop restaurants for a candlelight dinner with your loved ones. There's no better way to celebrate your first year of marriage than with a couple's getaway here, with more than enough options to keep you both happy.

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Celebrations in Fiji

Got a wedding coming up? Channel your inner celeb and head to Fiji for an exotic destination event that will leave your guests in awe.

With glamazon Elle Macpherson marrying here in 2013, it's obvious the island getaway is a must-visit spot for special occasions and family holidays alike. Simply slip into your bikini and channel your inner supermodel - hey, if you don't look like one, at least you'll feel like it!

This paradise is made up of an incredible 330 islands, so there are plenty of private locations for your intimate do. Exclusive resorts make the perfect post-wedding accommodation, and there are plenty of hotels for your guests to stay at.

Tokoriki Island and Intercontinental Resort have magnificent chapels along with beachfront and rainforest locations, so you'll be spoilt for choice when it comes to your nuptials. If you are looking for a smaller venue declare your love on the beaches of Castaway or Malolo Island. The best part is you can be as dressy or relaxed as you want - the Fijian locals are so laid back, no one will blink an eyelid if you wear just a sarong or go all-out in a princess gown!

If it's not a wedding but a family reunion you're celebrating, Fiji is the perfect choice. There's lots for the kids to do here, from making friends with the locals to running wild along the glorious beaches, leaving your hands free to attend to more pressing matters - such as where the next cocktail is coming from.

Drop the kids off at The Shangri-La Fijian Resorts', Little Chief's Club for supervised activities, and sneak away with the other adults for some quiet time by the pool, or perhaps a round of gold on the on-site golf course. Take your sisters or mum in for a spa treatment and let a gentle massage therapist hammer away all your stresses - that is, until it's time to pick the kids up!

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