Bring the Tribe

There's nothing quite like heading away to an exotic location with the whole tribe in tow. While it's a great opportunity for family bonding and making memories to treasure for life, there are always going to be a few stressful moments!

Luckily, these stresses are all worth it when you consider you're in a tropical destination where the drinks flow freely and you can get a relaxing massage whenever you want.

It's also fortunate that these days, many resorts are set up to cater to large families. If you've got three - or more! - kids to bring along, you can still experience the holiday of a lifetime without too many hiccups. Though, of course, there will always be some scraps over who has built the best sandcastle or who gets to sleep in which bed. Just remind yourself that it would be the same bickering at home - only you're in paradise!

Not to worry, though. When planning your holiday, we here at Hoot Holidays can help you to resolve some of the trickier situations that can come with larger families travelling together. After all, travelling with the tribe is all about being organised and mastering that forward-planning, and that's what we're here to help you with.

If you need extra rooms or perhaps even adjoined ones, just let us know and we can sort this out for you. If you're searching for a resort with a kids' club, we're here to help. Tell us any special requirements you think you might need and we will help hook you up with the best services on offer. We're all about helping out busy families because let's face it, you need to get on that plane and off to a relaxing destination sooner than anybody!