Bali Resorts & Hotels - Family Favourites Aussies and Kiwi adults have been heading to Bali for years for their own holidays - but have you ever thought about taking the kids along too?

There's nothing like the way Balinese people welcome families, especially children, so expect to feel at home as soon as you arrive.

With a host of beautiful beaches and villages such as Nusa Dua and Kuta, you can find many comfortable and family-resorts close to all the action.

You might want to spend your time building intricate sandcastles, splashing in the shallows, or even introducing the young ones to the local Hindu culture.

Visit some of the stunning temples and witness a ceremony celebrating a marriage or birth, or even the lunar cycle.

You can also experience traditional performances, dance and music, sure to enrapture both you and your curious kids from start to finish. Fire spinning and dancing is often a highlight of these excursions!

Check out the Bali Zoo, Elephant Park and Bird Park, too! The kids will love getting up close to the exotic creatures and will entertain them for hours.

Of course, there's also endless fun up for grabs on the water, with snorkelling, jet-skiing, cruising, water-skiing, fishing and yachting just some of the activities to keep you and your young ones busy.

And if you feel like relaxing at the spa for a few hours or maybe even partaking in a local meditation class, your hotel's kids' club will be able to amuse your offspring with plenty of exciting activities.

In Bali, dining is also always going to be a fun, family affair. You will be able to find a host of both local and internationally-inspired food, so there will be something to please even the fussiest kids' palates!

The local food places heavy emphasis on rice dishes and delectable spices. Expect lots of coconut, garlic and chilli along with an abundance of fish freshly plucked from the surrounding waters.

The kids are bound to love the novelty of food that comes wrapped in bright banana leaves and you might just find their tastes develop as the trip goes on. However, if a roasted suckling pig just isn't going to fly, you can always find somewhere offering a hot dog and chips!

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