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The East Coast is a blended symphony of culture. From the highest concentration of states in the upper North East, to the long and lazy states of the South, the East Coast has something for everyone. Let's start up the top with the likes of New York City, Washington DC, Boston and Baltimore. These are the cities we've heard so much about and seen so many times in the movies we love. You can see some of the most famous spots in the world up there, and you quickly realise that there's nothing quite like actually being there yourself.

The great lakes that line the border to Canada will take your breath away no matter what time of the year you visit, and the countryside that surrounds them is absolutely worth exploring. The cities that line these lakes are also high points of interest, with the likes of Chicago, Cleveland, and Detroit; the home of Motown.


Once you head down south you're in for a change of scenery. Launch yourself into relaxation mode on the beaches of Florida and then kick into party gear for the cities of the South. New Orleans is definitely on the menu, so grab yourself a Bourbon on Bourbon Street and watch the world go by.

Now for the halfway point. Immerse yourself in middle America through states like Kentucky, Tennessee and Mississippi. See the great river, get down with the birthplace of country music, and discover the path Elvis took to greatness. This is only the surface of the awesome nature of the East Coast of the USA. It's all there, and it's all begging to be explored.



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