San Francisco: Family Holiday Packages & Deals

San Francisco is one of those hip and cool cities we all dream of visiting. But if you've been waiting around to make that dream come true, it's time to get going!

Best of all, you don't even have to worry about spending all that hard-earned cash on your journey, because there are some fantastic deals heading to this part of the world. Save the splurging for when you get to those shops!

You won't regret it once you're looking that Golden Gate Bridge up close. Perhaps you'll cycle across, or maybe you'll stretch your legs with a walk instead? Make sure you check it out at sunrise or sunset when the light hits. There's nothing like it. For a great afternoon seaside make sure you check out Sausalito on the other side of the bridge for fantastic cafes, restaurants, shops and galleries.

But of course you'll also have to hop aboard a fantastic cable car ride from the much-loved Union Square to Fisherman's Wharf Pier 39. Here you'll find the lovely local sea lion keen to put on a show, and it's also the perfect place to head to Alcatraz from. There's something about the walls of the cells on this island prison that still seems to hold onto the harrowing history of days gone by, so don't miss the chance to stand in a convict's shoes and see how they lived - just for a moment!

For a taste sensation make your way to the flavour-some Chinatown, then wind your way through the decadent Italian quarter where you can enjoy some of the best pastries, coffees and treats found outside of Italy!

Then again, you can't forget to enjoy the city's famous nightlife either. There are plenty of bars and clubs that draw a diverse crowd, so prepare to make some friends.

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