Family Holiday Packages & Deals to Los Angeles

Hollywood, Hollywood and more Hollywood - that's what a trip to Los Angeles is all about, right? Well, there's certainly a whole lot of Hollywood, but there's also a huge array of other highlights, and things to see and do, in this glitzy, star-studded corner of the USA.

Best of all, you don't have to pay a Hollywood-size sum to wing your way to the Walk of Fame. There are some great deals to Los Angeles, so you'd best start figuring out now which of the 2,400 'stars' you want to check out while wandering LA's most famous sidewalk.

While you're there, why not check out the roaring rollercoasters of Universal Studios or even head out on a backlot tour that can take you to some of the film industry's most iconic sets?

Not to mention you'll have an abundance of opportunities to check out LA's fashion scene, with shop upon shop filled with designer goods on Rodeo Drive at Beverley Hills. By the time you're weighed down by shopping bags, you'll be ready to head to Melrose Avenue in West Hollywood to do it all again.
Then check out the ever vibrant and quirky Venice Beach, where you're sure to be wowed by street performers and characters from all walks of life.

Finally, be sure to visit Santa Monica with its bustling 3rd Street Promenade complete with relaxed vibe, tall palm trees and stunning sea views. And what about that beautifully-lit Ferris wheel! Soak in the famous 'California casual' atmosphere and then experience a little bit of the hippy-chic vibe at the beloved farmers market.

We know all the tips and tricks to making a holiday to Los Angeles incredibly cost-effective, so get in touch and we'll fill you in. There's so much to soak in on a trip to Los Angeles that - trust us - you don't want to miss it.

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