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Self Drive

There's a lot to be said for having your own wheels on holiday. Tours are great, but often you'll glimpse an interesting side road or a quaint town, only to discover that your itinerary doesn't go there.

Driving in a foreign country can seem intimidating at first especially driving on the right hand side of the road. However the roads are excellant, well signposted and you will find mainly courteous drivers on the road. If the freeways seem daunting, opt for the minor roads, you never know what you'll come across - a unique shop or a hidden gem that only the locals know about. Out in the country, the roads are similar to what you find at home.

These days you don't even have to worry about those relationship-testing moments where the navigator mutters "I think that was our exit..." as you race past an off ramp. For a little extra, you can have a slightly bossy but very knowledgeable GPS system that'll tell you exactly how to get to where you're going.

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Things to think about

• Driving licence requirements

• Minimum age restrictions & driving restrictions

• Additional driver conditions

• Deposits

• One way rental fees

• Peak period surcharges

• Optional equipment e.g. child seats, roof racks

• Non waivable excess

• Fuel policy

• When you collect your car, an imprint of your credit card will be taken as security. The credit card must be in the renter's name. Depending on rate type booked, additional taxes, fees and insurances may also apply at this time.

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Choosing your Rental Car

Take into consideration the size of the vehicle you require. If the vehicle is to be used for a day touring from a central base, then a smaller vehicle may be adequate and easier for parking. If doing longer travel, remember you will have luggage to transport around as well as the shopping, so a midsize to larger vehicle should be considered. We suggest you book before leaving home, as this will save you money and ensure you get the vehicle of your choice.

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